The 2021 Vintage for The Better Half


With the challenges of lockdown behind us, we rolled up our sleeves and headed back out into the vineyard expecting a far less complicated season. Everything seemed straightforward until Mother Nature threw us a curveball. A cool spring and early summer meant there were fewer bunches of grapes and smaller berries. 

However, our frowns turned upside down when we tasted the fruit. Wow! Turns out the settled weather gave us berries that are small but perfectly formed. Think of them as little bunches of golden sunshine with super-concentrated flavours. The Sauvignon Blanc is a beautiful balance of cooler, greener, grassy flavours with that stunning bold tropical fruitiness our wines are famous for. The Pinot Noir is delicate and delicious with berry and floral notes coming together nicely as it rests in the winery. George considers this to be one of our most impressive vintages of seriously outstanding quality. 

The 2021 vintage of The Better Half is classy, yet unpretentious and we’re just sorry there’s not more to go around! We’re so excited to share the Marlborough magic with you.

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