Feeling Peckish? What Foods Should You Pair With The Better Half Pinot Noir?

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The Better Half Marlborough Pinot is the perfect choice for a fun afternoon or evening. A fruity red wine always pairs perfectly with sparkling conversation and a spicy dose of humour as the sun goes down.

But what happens when it’s time to eat? What are the best foods to pair with The Better Half Pinot Noir?

To be honest, George is a little sceptical about finding the perfect “food pairing.” His rule is that there are no rules! Good company’s more important than the cuisine, and the conversation should keep flowing, not cut out as the cook checks on dinner.

We do need to eat though and sometimes the perfect snack can prolong the fun. In case you need some inspiration, here are a few food-pairing pointers that will make the most of your glass of The Better Half Pinot Noir.


    1. A platter of cured meats is the perfect accompaniment to Pinot Noir.
      The ultimate “not-dinner”, a plate of prosciutto, salami or jamon is the ideal match to this light juicy wine. Maybe add some olives or soft cheeses if you want to get really fancy. The salty flavours and decadent fat content of these meats perfectly enhance the fresh flavours and juicy acidity of our favourite Pinot Noir.
    2. Anything on the grill.
      George is a maestro on the bbq – it’s the ultimate easy dinner when friends are round. You just can’t beat some sausies on the bbq! A little touch of char from the grill combined with the rich earthy flavours in the meat is a great match for The Better Half Pinot Noir… Even better if you can source some snags with a hint of fennel in them which brings out the beautiful perfume of the pinot.
    3. Fresh caught fish or shellfish.
      Forget the old saying of white wine with fish! Pinot is a great choice to pair with seafood. In Marlborough George loves the local “kai moana.” We are blessed with beautiful salmon, cod, shellfish and local crayfish, all of which are delicious with a glass of refreshing, flavoursome Pinot Noir.

So the next time you crack a bottle of The Better Half Pinot, pair it like a pro with one of these delicious dishes and discover your new favourite combination.

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