The 2021 Vintage of The Better Half Pinot Noir

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 The latest release of The Better Half Pinot Noir is wowing wine lovers and critics alike.

Although The Better Half Pinot has long been enjoyed as a delicious, fruit-flavoured, easy-to-enjoy red wine, the 2021 vintage has taken this fun wine style and ramped the intensity up a notch.

Critics agree that it is the best release yet of this popular wine.

The 2021 Season in Marlborough, NZ

Marlborough’s cool spring, and sunny, dry summer in 2021 provided perfect conditions for growing grapes and produced small bunches of intensely flavoured fruit.

For Pinot Noir, the tiny berries made for a penetrating and delicious wine. The ripe red berry flavours and perfumed floral notes came together nicely as the wine rested in the winery. The finished wine is now available and George is quietly pleased with the resulting drop.

And he’s not the only one!

Bling for The Better Half Pinot Noir 2021

New Zealand’s only Master Sommelier, Cameron Douglas, awarded 92 points to The Better Half Pinot Noir 2021, and described it as “Plush, fruity and dry on the palate with moderately firm tannins and plenty of acidity setting a decent foundation for core fruit flavours.”

Another local reviewer, Sam Kim of Wine Orbit, also gave the wine 92 Points. He stated that “The palate delivers excellent weight and fine texture splendidly complemented by juicy fruit intensity and silky mouthfeel, finishing long and delectable.”

George agrees and feels that the 2021 vintage of The Better Half is one of his best efforts yet: classy and full of flavour, elegant and easy-to-enjoy.

He can’t wait to share a glass of this Marlborough magic with you. Check out your nearest stockist and grab yourself a bottle!

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